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Using our experience in the media industry and expertise in modeling, we have developed Channel Revenue Maximizer (ChaRM), to help broadcasters maximize revenue and improve efficiency.ChaRM helps broadcasters use available inventory optimally to maximize allocated ad revenue.

It helps identify sellable inventory and expected demand thus providing a statistical basis for the sales force to align airtime rates. It ensures that the inventory is sold at appropriate rates through proper evaluation of all potential contracts.Apart from maximizing revenue the system ensures standardization of program promotion, sales and inventory allocation processes and also maintains a clear audit trail.

Industry experience suggests that revenue management leads to substantial revenue gains (typically

ChaRM Modules

ChaRM comprises six modules which can be used in conjunction or as stand-alone systems.

1. Spot Allocator - Generates optimal ad allocation plans in an automated manner Read More...
2. Promo Planner - Allocates promos to optimally utilize air-time, while meeting campaign GRP/frequency targets Read More...
3. Avail-X - Structures deals, which satisfy media buyer’s GRP, budget and distribution requirement while ensuring profitability Read More...
4. Deal Planner - Generates Gross Rating Points (GRP) delivery plans of contracted inventory while saving premium inventory for future sales Read More...
5. Ratings Forecaster - Forecasts viewership ratings of programs/day-parts, launches, high points using historical data Read More...
6. Demand Forecaster - Forecasts demand for inventory on dates, program/day-parts Read More...
  • Optimal allocation of daily inventory
  • Plan promos across channels optimally
  • Forecasting of program ratings and advertising demand
  • Visibility of inventory, sold and available
  • Real-time structuring of profitable deals
  • Automated processes resulting in savings of time & cost
  • Reduced dependence on user judgment
  • Traceability of user actions and reasons thereof
  • Scalability in terms of channels, clients, number of deals, release orders etc
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