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Avail-X is a software to construct an availability submission (proposal) using a program-mix that maximizes profitability while satisfying the media buyer’s requirements and conserving premium inventory for future sales.

  1. Ensures that deals are profitable
  2. Profits are maximized
  3. Tries to sell least sold programs first
  4. Premium inventory is conserved
  5. Real-time evaluation and structuring
  6. Standardization of sales process
  7. TVB-ePort compliant
  8. Internal approval workflow

  1. Acceptance/rejection of deal
  2. Structured deal (in case of acceptance with suggested seconds on programs)
  • Allows using different public and internal program rates
  • Suggests programs to be included
    in the deal based on client
  • Allows specification of validity
    period for a draft deal
  • Allows specification of number of
    weeks to determine expected
    revenue from the program
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