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Ratings Forecaster
Ratings Forecaster
Ratings Forecaster forecasts ratings of programs and day-parts. Salient features are what-if analyses for launches, high points and program reschedules using historical data, statistical methods, and domain expertise.

  1. Provides early signal of changes in program & channel performance,
  2. Helps set expectations when launching new program, program high-points and movies,
  3. Helps assess competition performance and time-slot strength,
  4. Helps in planning promo campaigns, and
  5. Helps pricing commercial inventory.

Rating Forecaster
  1. Graphical and Tabular view of the forecasts
  2. Forecast ratings for programs/day-parts
  3. Expected ratings for what-if scenarios
  • Saves premium ad inventory for
    future sale
  • Creates plans which meet GRP
    targets for clients
  • Provides visibility of inventory
    available for sale
  • System suggests deals to be
    re-planned; users may modify
    this list
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