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Spot Allocator
Spot Allocator
Spot Allocator allocates ad-requests/spots to programs in an automated manner. The tool implements advanced mathematical optimization techniques to maximize revenue and inventory utilization.

  1. Maximizes revenue,
  2. Meets client requirements,
  3. Integrates with broadcaster's traffic system,
  4. Automates allocation of spots to programs,
  5. Maximizes inventory utilization,
  6. Distributes brands evenly,
  7. Improves client servicing, and
  8. Reduces manual effort and people risk.

  1. Suggests make-goods for the clients whose ads were not telecast
  2. Outputs comprehensive report on allocated and dropped ads
  • Typical revenue gains (1 – 5%)
  • Substantial reduction in manual effort
  • Minimizes unnecessary make goods and improves client service level
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