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Project Objective

To design a strategic roadmap to implement a logistical network and policy change.

A subsidiary of the second largest Cement manufacturing company in the world.

Client interaction helped identify that the right logistics strategy can be leveraged to catapult the client from a Service leader to a Cost & Service leader in its market.


The project outcome was a roadmap from 2005 to 2009 to achieving success through logistical excellence. Recommendations ranged from redesigning the network, reducing the number of network nodes, optimizing inventory, performance monitoring and setting up an IT infrastructure for direct sales and delivery.


The roadmap was implemented across the entire organization giving clarity to each division's role in the improvement process. The recommendations for improvement ensured complete control over the supply chain.
Designing a roadmap for implementing a logistical network and policy change
Subsidiary of one of the world's largest cement and aggregate supplier
Clarity of role for departmental responsibilities in achieving complete control over supply chain
- Supply Chain Reengineering
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