Case Studies Resource Planning Scheduling Optimization

Project Objective

To develop a scalable scheduling optimization application that will ensure minimal costs and uniform resource scheduling.

The Ministry of Defense for a Southeast Asian country.

This project required a mix of high-end optimization modeling and application development that would be compatible with the other modules of the Integrated Ammunition Management System (IAMS). Three possible alternative solutions were evaluated to meet the client's requirements.

1. ' Off The Shelf ' (OTS)
Scheduling packages
with embedded Algorithm
2. Customized algorithm
built on OTS Mathematical
3. End-to-end Customized
Solution (no use of external
tools or algorithm)
Suitability to client's
Low, lots of unwanted features Can be made highly suitable High
Time to implement Low Low High
Risk Low High High
Price Low Low High
Evaluations of Possible Approaches for Developing iScheduler

The optimization algorithm used constraint programming search tree with the ILog Scheduler and ILog Solver. The iScheduler (our scheduling application) also allowed generation of what-if scenarios to facilitate analysis.

The iScheduler represented the optimized schedules and the what-if analysis results in the form of Gantt charts.

The iScheduler improved the schedule compliance of the system and allowed monitoring of critical system resources. It improved the resource utilization and provided early warning for capacity shortfalls.
Develop and implement a customized and scalable scheduling optimizing application for resource scheduling
Ministry of Defense for a Southeast Asian Country
Improved the schedule compliance of the system and ensured early warnings for capacity shortfalls
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