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Project Objective

To develop a system to reduce transportation costs, automate rostering process and achieve optimal resource utilization.

Multi-million Euro organization featuring amongst the top IT services companies in India having interest in the business of Enterprise Network Solutions, Software development, E-Business Solutions and Telecom Infrastructure.

The Decision Architecture used to frame this problem is outlined below:
  • How many agents are required on each day for each shift?
  • Who are the agents who should be brought in for each shift?
  • What routes should be used for bringing in the agents for each shift?
  • What is the best pickup strategy?
  • Door to door pickups or point pickups?
  • What is optimal mix of vehicles required (buses, cars)?
A diagnostic and decision support tool was developed. ILOG optimization engine C-PLEX was used along with custom heuristics at the back-end to enhance performance.

An advanced modeling solution was designed and developed, which performs the rostering and transport scheduling through optimization techniques.

The solution enabled centralized resource planning, reduced resource requirement for rostering, reduced vehicle-running costs (savings of 15 million INR) and increased capacity utilization (60% increase).
Optimizing resource utilization and reduce transportation costs
One of the top IT Services Company in India
Initiated savings to the tune of 15 Million INR and increased capacity utilization by approx 60%
- Collaborative Networks
- Rostering Optimization
- Scheduling Optimization
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